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Ningbo Amol Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a professional un-ground bearing,plastic bearing and stamping bearing maker from China.It has capacity of making 300,000 pcs of all types of abovementioned bearings per month.Amol is equipped with the state of art facilities including over 30 CNC turning machine,one plastic injection workshop,one pressing workshop and all the latest state of art inspection facilities.Compared with other Chinese manufacturers,Amol differentiates itself from others by following:

1)All the bearing races are made on CNC turning machine or custom made fully  automatic PLC controlled machine.The process size control ability is way higher than any other Chinese makers.The consistency and stability of bearing quality is much higher.

2)Amol's production lines and the lab facilities are one of the best in china.Quality  control system is strictly applied as per ISO9001:2000 standard.To enhance its quality control ability,Amol has equipped itself with threat cutting machine,hardness/ metallurgical testing facilities,digital projector,clearance checking devices,etc.Amol is also doing life testing for the bearings.It made for customers before massive product

3)Although Amol appear as a new factory in the field of un-ground bearing industry, Amol has a team of over 100 with average minimum 15 years' experience in turning and bearing industry.

4)Amol shares vast resources such as material sourcing,technical assistance,etc.,from its sister factories under same group.They are Jiangsu Amol Bearing Co.,Ltd. a  professional ball bearing and taper roller bearing manufacturing plant with all state of art bearing manufacturing factilities,Cixi Tengfei Machinery Co.,Ltd.,a professional gear/worm for over 25 years and serving companies like Honda,Suzuki,Yamaha etc.,Ningbo Amol Intl. Trade Co.,Ltd.a company selling over 12 million USD all types of bearings and 3 million USD machineries per year.



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