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Established in 2005, Amol is today a manufacturing company making all kinds of ball bearings, taper roller bearings, custom designed bearings, stamping bearings, plastic rollers and so on. We partially own two manufacturing bearing companies, one trading company and a branch company in USA. We export various bearings to our customers in over 20 countries worldwide, some of them big names in their market you may heard of them everyday. Besides, Amol is also one of the leading machinery exporters from China, serving mostly for bearing industry, automobile industry, forging industry, steel wire pulling industry, aluminum profile extrusion industry and so on.


At present, Amol partially owns two manufacturing factories, one making taper roller bearings and the other specializes in non-standard bearings and conveyor system. We have a professional team of 200+, capable of designing, developing and manufacturing various custom made bearings and assemblies, P6 and above taper roller bearings and up to EMQ Z3V3  ball bearings with OD upto 150 mm. 


Amol had been an ISO9001 and TS16949 company since year 2012. Our company has well established quality control system as well as an experienced quality control team.  With over 1,000,000+ sets of bearings shipped to our customers every month, we have an ever-growing customer group with steadily increasing customer satisfactory rate.


Unlike most of traditional standard bearing manufacturers, Amol owns our own R&D team. We are capable of design, develop and manufacturer custom made bearings or bearing assemblies based on customer's needs. Our well equipped and dedicated workshops for stamping, plastic molding, cold forming, die forging (outer partner), alloy casting (outer partner) ensures us to turn the approved design into massive production within short time.


Amol's precision bearing manufacturing and trading are both powered by our deep knowledge about the bearings manufacturing and extensive connection with whole bearing industry supply chain. Not only had we been in bearing manufacturing and trading for over 15 years, but also  we had been doing our machine tool export business since 2004. Our bearing machine tool business had made us known to most of the domestic and oversea bearing factories , as well as bearing industry related machine tool manufacturers. Our knowledge about bearing material grading and its element, oxygen level control; bearing rolling element production quality control, rolling element size grouping and crack, hardness sorting; bearing race grinding process and its profile, tolerance related quality control; bearing spare part heat treatment process quality control and hardness, metallurgical structure control; automated bearing assembly process quality control, cage riveting control, grease amount control, missing pin control, automatic noise sorting and grouping; bearing life testing, bearing noise testing, bearing sealing performance testing, bearing start torque checking, ... , are all enabling us to safeguard the safety and success of our customer's business.


Amol launched new project in providing our buyers ESG ratings for our factories ... Check out for more here.

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