We understand it is never a easy job for you to buy anything from China, a place at thousands of miles away. Is my partner reliable, is the money safe, is the quality of goods okay, is the shipment safe, ... We understand all these. Therefore we developed a seamless service package for all of our customers worldwide. For those importing directly from us, no matter which way you prefer, our ultimate goal is to make you feel like buying everything all by yourself, at your wish; while those customers from North America, we provide to-door delivery service or at-site warehousing service if needed.


What we offer ?

24/7 Service : :

We work nearly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In most of the cases, you'll get our response / quotation / reply ... within 24 hours. As matter of fact, our customer usually get our reply within a few hours. Our target is to make customer feel like themselves are sitting in China, handling everything themselves.

Professional service : :

Amol owns a very experienced service team. We have export manager with over 15 years experience. We have a team of engineers monitoring and controlling quality right from beginning of manufacturing. In U.S., we have our service personnel to look after our customers' needs locally. In other area, we try to do more than other Chinese companies cannot. Our 15+ years' experience in handling bearings, material handling parts and equipment;  all kinds of machines and machine parts ensures each and every step of your order goes precisely in the right direction.


Our commitment to every single customer : :

We are responsible for every single bearing or machine we sell. We do everything we can to make sure every deal is accomplished smoothly. We strictly follow the contract or agreement we signed or reached with every single customer. Any situation arise due to quality, delivery, document work, ... we try everything we can till customer is satisfied. We guarantee: you do not lose a penny due to under-quality products when dealing with us.

Close loop management for every single case : :

Case establishment : : Case Processing : : Case follow up : :  Case review

Enquiry for standard bearing ::: quotation preparation ::: cost evaluation + currency rate prediction + shipping cost estimation :::
Enquiry for custom made bearing / assembly ::: go for cost evaluation accountant + designing depart ::: quotation
Machine enquiry ::: proposal / commercial offer preparation

As stated above, we respond within 24 hours. And we follow every single case until it is closed. We believe it is our best opportunity to improve and grow every time we have a customer talking to us, that's why we review every case periodically.

Our extra quality protection for our buyers : :

Unlike normal trading company, Amol has both precision bearing factory and non-standard bearing factory. Both well equipped with all state of art testing facilities. Meanwhile, Amol's engineers are working year-round outside office to audit, inspect and control the quality of every single shipment to our customers. In some cases, we ship the bearings to our own factory and have the checked and packed.

Our ability in packing design and commercial advisory : :

Amol in no case is a conventional manufacturer, we had many times helped our customers designed their logo and packing, help them market the bearings in their market. Many of them are now leading brands in their market. With our extension contact and good knowledge in both technical and commercial of bearings, we believe we can only grow if customer grows.

Your advise ? Yes, it is always mostly welcomed.

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